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This site is dedicated to education of human beings concerning Contract law and the operations concerning Human Rights and Her Majesty's system in Canada.

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In brief, you should know the following about this site. Here you will find understanding concerning contract law and contractual obligations. You will find a complete break down of commercial and contractual operations. The nature of contractual obligations, the validity of contracts, the different types of contracts, the conditional acceptance, the tacit agreement and the like.

Also being made available on this site is an in depth study into the Justice system of Canada, including court procedures. The motion in first instance, signification, evidence, the court form or structure, different jurisdictions of the courts. The steps to take to make your way through this system as a human being without being damaged.

The Government The Queen and her offerings.

To be in a lawless society is not the ultimate desire I have. Anyone who believes that man can govern themselves without rules, is dreaming or having spiritual delusions.

The examples we have across the earth where there are people in nations living in a lawless society, teach us that law and structure is good. For the lack of this creates chaos.

The question is not whether there is a need for law but in what context and in what application.

There is a hierarchy that is in operation over people,over men and women. We are taught that this hierarchy is chosen by the people and is for the people. This is an illusion that would soon vanish upon anyone's honest investigation of the current government structure.

Yes Canada has much to offer its employees and Canada does give to the people. I gather that is why many men and women from other countries want to come here. In Canada it is easier or was in the past easier to work out a living and a life for you and your family.

The relationship Canada has with its people is not structured on a foundation of placing, providing and caring for its people as a primary goal. The extraction of the wealth and resources on behalf of the Monarchy is the governments main objections. Canada for the people, meaning the systems and so forth are of secondary concern for the government.

This is why the parliament members swear an oath of allegiance to Her Majesty and not to the people of Canada. There is indeed an abundance of wealth located here in Canada the land mass. The resources that are present are enormous. All of this is controlled in a very tight and fine way.

The ones who operate in defacto power have not been informing you of the real operation that is going on behind the scenes. This is not hidden actions, everything is very clear and in the open about what is going on. It only takes some effort on the readers part to look into the functions and operations of the government to find out what is really transpiring here in Canada.

Canada is a corporation and its function is on behalf of her Majesty. To say anything else is just a witness to the lack of understanding and the deception that is upon you.

I appreciate all the social systems in Canada that Claim they support people. I appreciate them because I care about people, anything that helps man and woman to carry the burdens that life creates,this is a good thing.
However do not be deceived by the small demonstration of giving you see flowing from the corporation of Canada. Compared to the wealth that is being extracted and deposited into Her Majesty possession, it is but a tiny tiny drop in a bucket.

So what gives Her Majesty anymore rights to the resources that are present in Canada then you have. Why is the corporation Canada extracting and building up the monarchy's bank accounts through the resources that are here in Canada yet you struggle on your own.

Everyone reading this does have the right to a claim upon what is being given to her Majesty. A little percent of that, well it belongs to you and through the operation of law that has been provided for us we can have access to this wealth.

Problem is as an employee of the corporation Canada you have no more right or ability to lay a claim to your piece of the pie so to speak. You have to come out from among them, separate yourself, make a distinction that you are not living here on earth to help build up her Majesty's bank account.

There seems to have always been slaves through the generations past whether through ignorance or laziness people are stripped of what is by right theirs. A governing society based upon the ignorance and lack of understanding of the people.

It is to bad that it has been this way and I have no ambitions or belief that I can change anything. Maybe just help a small handful better see what is really going on.